Piran’s Magical Points
Replay and an upgrade of the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 projects.
The project is focusing on the identity of Piran and the connection of local inhabitants to the space. It was based on the need for a different and especially less perceptual perception of Piran and, consequently, of the Slovenian coast. 

Piran’s Punta was once again a place of discovery and interweaving of sound, light and odors. After the morning workshop of making flower crowns out of freshly picked flowers, in the evening , the event continued with the interpretation of the “Story Of An Unusual Fish Pirančica” in different languages – slovenian, italian, english, swedish. At the sunset, unfortunately covered by clouds, the violinist Bruno Čibelj played the Tartini’s Greeting, followed by the Soundtrack of “Dolphin’s Language” (Tursiops truncatus). Projected on the wall of the lighthouse, video-projections of Carpaccio’s “Maria With a Child and the Saints” as a salute to Carpaccio’s Year and video projection “Cosmos In The Sea Salt Crystal” sparkled up a long summer evening for the random people passing by and for the participants. Moreover, it connected space with imagination and experience.


Cosmos in Sea Salt Crystal
Artistic coordination and idea for a video:

Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation.

License for the tourist guide in the Slovenian coastal region
Romana Kačič, Licence No 301/2017 / Tourist Association Portoroz / Ente per il turismo Portorose g.i.e.

Boat leaders licence of competence
Romana Kačič, Licence No. 3736-1-02025/13, Serial No. 000316
Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of infrastructure and spatial planning, Slovenian Maritime Administration.


DIFFINO Project (April – July 2018)

Development of innovative forms of tourist offer. Cooperation with two faculties from Univesity of Primorska: FAMNIT and Turistica. “Po kreativni poti do znanja / On the creative path towards the knowledge”
2017-2020, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Slovenia.

Encouraging and strengthening the cooperation and integration of the higher education system with the environment, bussiness and social environment.

–> The charm and potential of the terraced landscape, Terraced landscape in the world and Terraced landscapes of Slovenian Istria coast
Romana Kačič; lecture at the Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica, Portorož, University of Primorska, Slovenia. Held by DIFFINO Project: Development of innovative forms of tourist offer.
The identity of the terraced landscape of Slovenian Istria is being sought within the world, Mediterranean, European and northern Adriatic frames, The terraced landscape with a view of the salt-pans is a unique place that meets all the criteria of a quality cultural landscape. In this lecture the potential of terracced landscape and it’s high vulnerability were shown and discussed.

Guided walk:
Let’s find suitable dry-stone wall constructions in Piran (14.4.2018)
Within the framework of the Landscape Architectural Month 2018 (MKA 2018), a guided walk took place under the guidance of a landscape architect and geologist engaged in to the dry-stone wall construction. Examining the examples of the oldest dry stone-wall constructions in the less known corners of Piran’s historical core, followed by discussion about the type of stone used, construction techniques back in history and the way of protecting, restoring and preserving the stone heritage.

Guided walk:
The state and vision of a city pavement in the historic core of Piran (14.4.2018)
In the framework of MKA 2018, a walk on the topic of dry-stone construction took place; typology and maintenance of the paved surfaces in the city core. Viewing the preserved examples of the most appropriate forms of stone pavement and highlighting the very importance of using local materials according to established construction techniques as a sustainable way of building. Discussion about the influence of pavement on flooding at major falls, on the microclimate and walking along the city streets.

Coffee talk:
What does the historical city center need and what not, to stay alive? (15.04.2018)
Tartini Square Piran, MKA 2018
Sunday coffee talk in the framework of the MKA 2018 for all those interested in the topic of Piran, as well as the other touristic city centers. How to make them stay alive and what is the thing that destroys the city cores?

Workshop at the beach: When a car park becomes a playground. The impact of land use on the landscape (April 15, 2018)
Fornace beach Piran, MKA 2018.
One of the most beautiful places in Piran is occupied by a large parking lot. It has a sea view, and you can even fish from the car. A large, burning metal surface in summer and black winter asphalt are blemishing the appearance of the cultural landscape in all seasons. How would it be like if there was a park and a playground instead? We dared to dream with children’s ideas on paper.

Jane’s Walk:
The sea, the square and the forest – from Piran to the forest in Fiesa (April 15, 2018)
In the framework of MKA 2018 and Jane’s Walk Urban Walks, we walked from the city center to the forest in Fiesa. The theme was based on experiencing various diversity under the guidance of a landscape architect and a forestry engineer who is also an expert of Istrian forests. In addition to getting to know the vegetation, its often forgotten utilities and usabilities, we also had an unique opportunity to see the original afforestation plans from the 60s, and photos of Fiesa before that. Followed by tasting if Tamarix really is salty, we finished our lovely walk enriched with the new knowledge by getting “lost” in the chilly “Green heart ” of Fiesa.